Taste of our values

Tasting of our Values 2016

2016 Gastronomic experiences within the framework of the year


The program aims at:

Involvement of producers, producers and household ingredients of Hungarian food in the use of raw materials for gastronomy enterprises. Checked frames. Strengthen the market position of patented domestic products.

The stimulation of the preparation and creation of traditional and re-interpreted food ingredients from Hungarian food ingredients with the involvement of experts from the Hungarian catering industry.

Involving domestic restaurants in the promotion of the excellent food and food ingredients of our country. Developing the gastronomic attraction and country image of the 2016 season.

Protector of the Program: (upon request) Dr. Sándor Fazekas Minister

Program Organizer and Organizer: Hungarian Gastro Map Cluster (MGTK)

Organizations invited to organize and conduct the program:
Földművelésügyi Minisztérium (Agrárpiaci, Élelmiszerlánc, Eredetvédelmi főosztályok)
Agrármarketing Centrum Nonprofit Kft.
Szállodák és éttermek Szövetsége
Magyar Nemzeti Gasztronómiai Szövetség
További tájékoztatás: http://www.gasztroterkep.hu/programok/ertekeink-kostoloja/jelentkezes-beszallito

Businesses engaged in:
Metro Nagykereskedelmi Áruházlánc
Mirbeszt Nagykereskedelmi Csoport

Involved organizations:

Vágóállat és Hús terméktanács szakmaközi Szervezet
Magyar Termék Nonprofit Kft
Magyar Piac Szövetkezet

Scheduled starting and closing date of the program: 2016.09.20 - 2016.12.30.

Detailed description of the program:

08/10/2016. The Hungarian Gastro Map Cluster will announce our Values Tasting 2016 program, using the following organizations and press organs, for restaurants and hotels, subject to the following terms and conditions.

You can take part in the program, catering for at least 30 people and catering establishments with warm kitchen, hotel restaurants, minimum II. rating. The number of restaurants in the program is limited to geographically in order to ensure a high quality program.

Up to 800 max. We welcome 1000 restaurants / hotels.

Entrants' undertaking to:

Creates and calculates a menu bar that includes:

Aperitif (the brandy suitable for the geographical location of the restaurant)

Appetizer (home-made ingredient typical of the restaurant's geographical location, minimum 50% food creation)

Soup (food creation reaching at least 50% of the domestic base material typical of the restaurant's geographical location)

Main course (restaurant creation that is typical of the restaurant's geographical location and contains ingredients in the depository, minimum 50%)

At the heart of the main course, efforts should be made to use vegetables, fruits and fungi typical of the area.

Dessert: (food creation typical of the geographical location of the restaurant and of the base material contained in the depository, at least 30% of the food)

When creating a menu line, at least one ingredient must have a trademark.

Acceptable Trademarks:

Kiváló Minőségű Sertés Hús
Magyar Termék Védjegy (mind a három fajta)
Hagyományok Ízek Régiók Védjegy
Kiváló Magyar Élelmiszer
Helyi termék
Nemzeti parki termék

Wines / spirits:

Protected under protection.

Beverage selection: The range of beverages must be made up of wines suitable for the region.

Spirits can be flavored with a minimum of 33% fruit juice or fruit juice, soft drinks of Hungarian origin,

It is also recommended for small brewery brewery products.

It delivers a detailed description of the created menu bar and food creations with a material supplement to the given contact details of the Hungarian Gastro Map Cluster.

Further commitments:

For the participants of the program, place an eye-catching sticker in your shop's visible location and keep it out until the program is closed.

On your business website you will see the banner of the program until the end of the program.

The menu of the program organizers is placed on the tables of your business and provides you with a minimum of 10 servings per day.

The menu offers the group meals that you are requesting from the store.

Offering a group menu of meals for a bargain on the store offers the menu bar and offers them a discount.

The queues of the raw material delivered to the menu are kept up to the end of the program. The method and sources of raw materials are recorded in a verifiable manner and made available to program organizers whenever possible.

When preparing the menu line, you prioritize the use of quality raw materials.

In the event of a complaint, it will assist the team of experts designated by the program's organizers.

By the end of the program, the questionnaire posted to the program will be returned to the program's organizers.

Your business contributes to the release of the program, press and media.

It takes into account the delivery opportunities offered by the program organizers.

Conditions for financial contribution to participation in the program:

The Hungarian Gastro Map Cluster implements the program through sponsorship or sponsorship.

Sponsored participation for restaurants and hotels: Free of charge

Based on the sponsored participation conditions, the hosting fee of the catering unit will be accepted by the sponsor of the program if the sponsored participant concludes a supply contract with any of the sponsors. In the delivery contract, the Sponsor undertakes to assign at least a net HUF 200,000 from the Sponsor within the program the basic material offered by the program within the program.

The sponsorship fee includes advertisements in the Internet publications of the program and the promotion of the participation in the program, as well as the individual discounts of the participants of the program. Additionally, the restaurant participating in the program will be listed as a controlled raw material as a user on the advertising surfaces of the program.

The size of the contribution can be found in the following picture for non-sponsored restaurants:

Restaurants and hotels on www.gasztroterkep.hu include: 5 000 HUF + VAT

Basic participation in restaurants, hotels not included on www.gasztroterkep.hu: 10 000 HUF + VAT

The participation fee includes the program's internet presence and participation promotion, as well as the individual discounts of the program participants.

Excludes program exclusions:

If the participant in the program does not fulfill the commitments made during the program during the program.

If a participant's program against the program is taken by Nébih, NAV or other authority during the program,

The Hungarian Gastro Map Cluster as organizer for the success of our Values ​​Tasting 2016 program makes the following commitments:

It provides a professional information leaflet for potential program participants.

By 2016.08.10 you will publish an exact invitation to participate on the website of www.gasztroterkep.hu or on the web site of its professional partners. In newsletters you will notify 320 members interested in catering for your participation.

From 2016.08.10 you will receive and manage the applicants and provide them with information.

From 2016.08.10 you will be able to access the online registration option for the program on its website.

As of 2016.08.10, you will start evaluating the menu items submitted by the candidates, with the involvement of professional partners, in the light of the applications received.

From 2016.08.30 he continually looks for source materials for the menu rows and keeps the participants in the program continuously informed about the program.

By 2016.09.15, it plans and accepts with its professional partners the attention-marking stickers of the program, indicating the hangers of the program's organizers and their professional partners.

Until 2016.09.30 you plan and accept with your professional partners the visual and visual elements of the program, the graphic elements, the menu templates

Will hold a press conference with a tasting session until 2016-09.30 during the practical launch of the program.

For the success of the Cluster program, the next marketing plan is implemented.

Supplier Call!

Dear Entrepreneur Leader!

If you would like to participate in the Tobacco Programs of ours, as a supplier, please download the corporate replenishment card under www.gasztroterkep.hu programs.

- After filling in, signed scanned, please send it to info@gasztroterkep.hu.

- After registration, we will notify you of your supplier activity in the following picture: In the menu item under www.gasztroterkep.hu, print the Application Form and the Sponsorship Contractor for Restaurants.

- Visit the restaurants that you want to subscribe to the terms and conditions of the invitation, and sign up for the supplier contract and fill out the application form.

- Send the copies of the completed documents as soon as possible by e-mail to info@gasztroterkep.hu.

- Based on the received and fully completed documents, you will receive from us the attestation sticker of your sponsored restaurant or 20 menu items per restaurant.

- After the package arrives, it sends the advertising material posted to the restaurant.

In the marketing elements of the program you have the opportunity to get special attention Other information on the possibility can be requested at the given e-mail address!