Excellent Quality Pork and Mangalica Products Tasting "program

The purpose of the program

KMS branded and mangalica raw materials to encourage the creation and creation of traditional and re-interpreted dishes with the involvement of experts from the Hungarian catering industry.

Involving domestic restaurants and hotels in the promotion of KMS trademark and mangalica products.

Program Organizer and Organizer:

Hungarian Gastro Map Cluster (MGTK) Business Association:

Hungarian Gasztro Kontroll Kft.

Organizations invited to organize and conduct the program:

Vágóállat és Hús Szakmaközi Szervezet és Terméktanács

Mangalicatenyésztők Országos Egyesülete

Magyar Húsiparosok Szövetségével

(szakmai felügyelet)

Magyar Turizmus Zrt.

Agrár Marketing Centrum.

Földművelésügyi Minisztérium

Initial and closing date of the program: 09/10/2014 - 2015.12.30


15/10/2014. Magyar Gasztro Kontroll Kft announces:

Excellent Quality Pork and Mangalica Products Tasting "program

With the following participation conditions:

You can take part in the program, catering for at least 30 people, catering restaurants with warm kitchen and hotel restaurants. Minimum II. Rating.

The number of restaurants participating in the program is high in a geographical manner.

We accept 50max 150 restaurants / hotels.

Commitment of the Applicant Participants

The Participant undertakes to create one or more of our Taste Menu for our items by 20.11.2014 including:

Aperitif (the brandy suitable for the geographical location of the restaurant)

Soup: (The contents of the meat extract may only be KMS branded or controlled mangalica meat meat products)

Main course (The contents of the meat extract may only be KMS-labeled or controlled mangalica meat meat products)

At the heart of the main course, efforts should be made to use vegetables, fruits and fungi typical of the area.

Dessert: (striving for the use of fruits and fruit products typical of the area)

Beverage selection: The range of beverages is to be made up of local wines suitable for the region.

The spirit drink may be flavored with a minimum of 33% fruit juice or fruit juice.

The precise menu and the supplement of the quantity of ingredients created in the menu bar and the food creations will be sent to the Hungarian Gasztro Kontroll Kft. By the announced deadline.

Further commitments:

For the participants of the program, place an eye-catching sticker in your shop's visible location and keep it out until the program is closed.

On your business website you will see the banner of the program until the end of the program.

On the menu of your store, the menu bar is featured in at least two languages ​​on a separate page and provides you with at least 10 servings per day.

The menu offers the group meals that you are requesting from the store.

Offering a group menu of meals for a bargain on the store offers the menu bar and offers them a discount.

The contents of the menu item submitted to the program will be respected until the end of the program, indicating the KMS trademark logo, the name of the supplier company.

The method and sources of the raw materials are recorded in a verifiable manner and, if possible, will be made available to the successful tenderer and to the Hungarian Tourist Office.

When the menu line is drawn, it is marked separately from the product with the KMS trademark used and the mangalica pig.

By the end of the program, the questionnaire posted to the program will be returned to the program's organizers.

Your business contributes to the release of the program, press and media.

It takes into account the delivery opportunities offered by the program organizers.

Conditions for financial contribution to participation in the program:

The Hungarian Gastro Map Cluster implements the program through sponsorship or sponsorship.

Participation in restaurants and hotels: Free of charge

The Hungarian Gastro Map Cluster as organizer for the success of our Values ​​Tasting 2014 program makes the following commitments

It provides a professional information leaflet for potential program participants.

Press conference at Fortuna Restaurant

By 05/11/2014, you will publish an exact invitation to participate on the website or on the web site of your professional partners. In newsletters you will notify 320 members interested in catering for your participation.

From 20 November 2014, it receives and manages the applicants and provides them with information.

From November 20, 2014, the online registration option for the program will be available on its website.

As of 30 November 2014, you will start evaluating the menu items submitted by the applicants, with the involvement of professional partners, in the light of the applications received.

As of 03.09.2014, he continually looks for source materials for menu items and keeps the participants in the program continuously informed about the program.

By 20.11.2014, he plans and accepts with his professional partners the attention-marking stickers of the program, indicating the hangers of the program's organizers and professional partners.

By 20.11.2014, it plans and adopts its advertising and graphic elements for the visual appearance of the program with its professional partners.

Will organize a press conference with a tasting session until 20.11.2014, during the practical launch of the program.