Organizational Structure of the Hungarian Gastro Map Cluster:

The cluster selects management for a period of 5 years from the date of its establishment.

Cluster Management:

President: Zoltán Orsolyák

Cluster Council: Delegates of Founding Members

Delegates of assisting organizations

Objectives and scope of activity of the Hungarian Gastro Map Cluster

1) The creation and operation of the Cluster will help to develop the skills, capability and opportunities of suppliers and suppliers of affiliated companies. Within this, the goal is to achieve and maintain partnerships based on partnership between different product manufacturers and market players.

2) The Cluster operates jointly managed services and forums for its registered Hungarian companies and associations, which will enable cluster members to further strengthen their role in increasing regional economic performance.

3) With the establishment and operation of the Cluster, members want to contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of the national (especially clustered) enterprises and increasing their access to the market.

4) The Cluster is primarily active in the field of agri-food distribution and catering business but it is open to cooperation with other companies and institutions working in the same field of cooperation, if they accept and adopt the goals they set and take.

5) The Cluster promotes the development of network cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises operating in Hungary and the emergence of new supplier relationships.

6) The Cluster promotes the spread of environmental consciousness and attitude in the region and makes recommendations for institutions and decision-makers to improve the state of the environment.

7) In the framework of the cooperation with the Cluster chains and manufacturing companies, members will be able to increase the efficiency of their R & D activities and utilize the results of regional and regional innovation.


Services provided by the Cluster to cluster members:

MGK Ltd. is responsible for providing the services. For service fee.

The service fee may not exceed the annual revenue of the cluster.

Details of the services:

For Food Manufacturers Distributors (GY-F), operated by our company, provides the opportunity for Hungarian Food Manufacturers to appear under the Manufacturers / Distributors menu. Under the following conditions:

Specifying Enterprise Services:

Adopted Company:

1. Address, opening hours, availability, e-mail address, central web page

2. JPG company logo 1 pc

3. Icon system for food safety and Hungarian product marking icons

4. Graphic showing Hungarian ownership.

5. Producing and listing of product list and promotional list.

6. Presentation of Awarded Fees.

7. Availability of the person in charge of commercial relations on the internal marketplace.

MGK Kft. Provides a database service for Hungarian companies on the business community website - a database of restaurants, hotels and shops, supermarkets - the availability of vendors of catering industrial and commercial stores under the members menu, and local agricultural Producers' bids.

Briefly on our Internet Marketplace:

In the internet marketplace, the following options are available:

1. Hungarian restaurants, farm and institutional kitchens, contact list

2. Hungarian food retail store contact buyer list

3. Selling offers and contacts of Hungarian farmers

4. Product Comparison

5. Placement of your own vendor product list.

6. Contact contact of sales / purchasing companies


MGK Ltd. promotes the behavior of the companies present on the business community at towards Hungarian procurement sources.

The filtered Hungarian restaurants present on the site offer tourism assistance to reach the larger number of guests so that their raw material procurement is also increased.

The registered and continuously registered commercial and catering industrial stores contract to undertake to increase the listing of Hungarian-made products in their offer.

Our company measures the use and payment morale of Hungarian products manufactured by its registered stores.

Business-to-business service for distributors for food industry manufacturers

Our company uses five business-to-business colleagues nationwide within the services provided by the cluster every working day of the year. The task of business visitors is to visit our catering catering industry and food retailers, chains, and find new cluster members.

The frequency of use of Hungarian products is verified by completing the list of services in our database. Additionally, promotional materials and product samples that are provided by manufacturers are placed at prospective buyers


Our service is for food and mixed retail chains and shops

Customers, favoring domestic products that are increasingly spreading in our country and preferring the products of companies with a focus on traditional food processing, which takes into account food safety. Growing in food retailing, more and more business owners are seeing more and more revenue by gaining access to web search sites and recommending independent quality control organizations.

Our WEB site is the only advertising space available in Hungary and provides producer and manufacturer database for food and mixed retail stores deeply below market prices.

Buyers of our shops or chains in our cluster will have full access to our website at For an online marketplace featuring the market prices and supply of Hungarian food manufacturers and producers covering the country. And contact data database.

In addition, we offer a business-to-business service, and Hungarian manufacturers will pass on products that are developed and marketed.

Clusters and chains will get more media coverage and marketing. By demonstrating that they are striving to offer food products produced in Hungary in their offerings.


Our service is for producers and family farms

Farmers and family farms joining the cluster beyond the web advertiser's surface. You get access to the contact details of our restaurants, kitchens, retail stores, chain stores and manufacturers.

Through our consultancy service you can get informed about the most sought after products and the expected market trends. By doing so, you can set your product list to the current market picture.

The storage space sells their products to the restaurants participating in the system. Offer directly to shops. Daily-update with update. The product to be placed on the storage site must be accompanied by the producer's name, place of residence, smallholder ID, spraying log number and last chemical treatment time. If the producer produces bio products, the verifiable documentation of the product, farm. In the case of meat-and-milk products, the corresponding proof of origin (veterinarian, cutting board, etc.)

Any registered producer on the site can view other producers' offers and possible product auctions for restaurants or food manufacturers.

Service for restaurants, restaurants and hotels

Based on preliminary surveys, in consultation with the travel agencies, the requirement system has been completed, which must be in line with the catering units that wish to avoid our site. By boosting our reliability, our company sends out an expert on every application catering unit who, on a workday, maps the products used in the unit, and the feasibility rate of the criteria requested by the travel agencies, such as MGK Ltd. and travel agencies can be included on our website.

We provide full access to restaurants and hotel vendors participating in our cluster at Online marketplace for the market prices and supply of Hungarian food manufacturers, distributors and producers in the country. And contact data database.

In addition, we offer a business-to-business service, and Hungarian manufacturers will pass on products that are developed and marketed.

The companies participating in the cluster get a plaque label that they are already drawing their buyers attention in the shop window for the increased presence of Hungarian products in the store.


Other services offered by MGK Ltd. towards the cluster

- Maintaining relations with the government (lobbying)

- Acquisition of market information, management of a continuous data sector specific sector

- Organization of a joint marketing activity, internal and external coordination


Cluster Membership

The Cluster is composed of founding members signing the Association Agreement. The members of the Cluster Founder have equal rights.


The affiliated Cluster members accept the Association Agreement, the Organizational and Operational Guidelines and other documents (only received and recognized) in their declaration of accession.


Following the establishment of the Cluster, the membership of the members is a business company created by the Cluster Management. By signing a service contract with MGK Ltd. and by paying the membership fees.


Termination of Cluster Membership

Any Cluster Member is entitled to withdraw from the Cluster with the Cluster Management Declaration, with a 60-day deadline, unless it has made a commitment in the Cluster because it must first settle it.

Cluster membership can be terminated by Cluster Management if it seriously violates its commitments and does not meet the Cluster Management's written request.

Cluster Membership Termination:

A) Deciding on the Closing of the Cluster.

B) With the termination of the Cluster member.

C) Exit Cluster member.

D) Excluding the Cluster member.

E) The Cluster Council must approve the termination or termination or the withdrawal of the member.

Obligations of Members


The general obligation of the Cluster Member is to fulfill the provisions of the Association Co-operation Agreement.

A) Cluster members undertake to actively participate in the operation of the Cluster according to the Association Cooperation Agreement and the tasks and obligations undertaken.

B) Cluster members undertake to notify changes in the information on the entry form and those contained in the Cluster database within the deadline set by the Association Co-operation Agreement.

C) Cluster members undertake to pay the annual membership fee


Members' rights


General Rights of Members:

A) the free use of theoretical experience and information from the operation of the Cluster, economic and professional opportunities in their organization,

(B) access to information on issues affecting the Cluster,

C) participation in meetings of the Cluster Council and the Working Group, in the operation, organization, membership of the Cluster,

D) make use of the services of the Cluster according to specific conditions.


The Cluster Council


The Cluster Council (hereafter referred to as "the Council") is the Cluster's supreme decision-making body, which, according to its composition, is the total number of ordinary Cluster members with voting rights.

The Cluster Council is formed by the founding ordinary members of the Cluster Council.

Members of the Council shall not be remunerated for the performance of their duties.


Operation of the Cluster Council


A) Exercise the rights and duties of the Cluster Council as a body.

(B) It shall act in accordance with its own rules of procedure adopted by the Council at its first meeting.

(C) Meetings shall be held as necessary, but at least four times a year.

D) The minutes of the meeting of the Cluster Council are made, containing the essence of the meeting. The confidentiality of the facts contained in the minutes, at the initiative of a member or a member of the Cluster, shall be decided by a qualified majority of at least 50% + 1 members voting.

E) Decisions of the Cluster Council may be made in writing, by fax or by e-mail. Such a decision shall become effective when, within three working days of receipt of the request for a decision, a more than half of the members of the Council with a reasonable assurance of vote in one of the above-mentioned written forms reaches the President. Votes over or beyond the specified deadline can not be evaluated.

(F) The Council may not take a written decision in the case of decisions requiring qualified majority.

Decision-making and decision-making


A) The members of the Cluster Council have 1 vote per member during the decision.

(B) Council decisions are usually taken by simple majority.

C) The Cluster Council shall, at least, reach 50% of the members by a qualified majority by + 1 members on the following matters:

- exclusion of the Cluster member (the Cluster member concerned can not vote)

- the confidentiality of the facts contained in the minutes of the meeting of the Cluster Council

- Accepting the Memorandum of Understanding of the acceding Members

- the selection and recall of the heads of working groups

- the transformation of the cluster

- Closing of the Cluster

- strategic issues

- adopting an annual financial perspective

- adoption of annual financial statements


The Tasks of the Cluster Council


(A) Comprehensive representation of the Cluster objectives defined in the Association Co-operation Agreement, in these Rules and in Operation.

B) Approval, guidance and follow up of the Cluster's strategic lines and tactics based on the specific performance indicators.

C) Approval and monitoring of the Cluster's financial, personal, marketing and action plan.

(D) Adopt the plans, reports and proposals submitted by the heads of working groups.

E) Discussion of professional proposals.

F) Definition of the Rules of Procedure of the Cluster Council.

G) Adopting the agenda of the Cluster Council meetings, accepting the verifiers of the minutes.

Management tasks


Tasks of the Cluster Representative


A) Carries out managerial and administrative tasks as the operational responsible manager of the Cluster.

B) Initiates the Council's decisions at the Cluster Council.

(C) Preparation, convening of Council meetings and compilation of agenda items.

D) Preparing and running a vote.

E) Accounting and administration of Council and Cluster work.

(F) Implementation of Council decisions.

G) Representation of the Cluster.

H) Establishing a professional relationship with domestic and foreign organizations.

I) Summary of the annual work and results of the Cluster presented to the Cluster Council.

J) Professional evaluation and suggestion for the use of cluster development sources (project resources), and the extension of resources.

K) Addressing Cluster Affairs during the Cluster Council meetings.





The costs of participating in the Cluster are borne by all members.

You may make a Cluster earner for any incomes according to the Cluster Council's decision and usage rules.


Right of signature and representation

The Cluster is represented by a person designated under the Association Agreement.


Right of access

Documents generated by the operation of the Hungarian Gastro Map Cluster have the right of access for the members of the Cluster Council.


Use a stamp

In the case of corporate law declarations involving the Cluster commitments, the Cluster President is entitled to use a stamp as a representative.


Decision system

The leaders of the working groups are entitled to decide on Cluster matters independently within the framework of the Task Delegation Declaration made by the Cluster Council and the decisions of the Cluster Council.

Cluster Council members may submit a proposal for decision to the Cluster Council individually, also on behalf of their working bodies.



The rules of management control are governed by the rules set out in the Cluster Founding Agreement and in the Organization of the Organization, with the addition that the Cluster Council exercises its right to report on the mandate of the heads of working groups.

The operation of the Cluster is supervised by the Financial Control Working Group on its own work plan and schedule, by order of order and upon request.



Members of the Cluster Council and Cluster staff are required to keep business secrets as well as essential information about their activities during their assignment and during their work, and to ensure that they are not made available to unauthorized persons.

Business secrets are the knowledge, facts, data, information, business ideas, documents, technical solutions that are necessary for the operation of the Hungarian Gastro Map in a clustered manner, and disclosure would jeopardize this proper operation, the interests of Cluster and Cluster members.

In particular:

- the development concepts, programs and plans developed jointly by the Cluster;

- business policy plans and decisions;

- personnel files and data;

- confidential data arising from checks and inspections;

- financial, accounting data;

- classified as business secret by the Cluster Council on a case-by-case basis.

Members of the Cluster Council and Cluster staff are obliged to keep the business secrets they know until the Cluster Council's decision is issued.

The Organizational and Operational Rules of the Hungarian Gastro Map Cluster, as their will, are accepted and recognized by the founding and acceding members signatory to the Association Agreement by signing the Accession Declaration.



Zoltán Orsolyák

President of MGTK