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On our site you can read about an extraordinary collaboration aimed at supporting the players of the Hungarian economy, especially the Hungarian farmers and producers, as well as the domestic agricultural, food, distributors and catering companies!

The aim is to supply Hungarian food products and goods to the restaurants, to the local cuisine kitchens, retail and wholesale trade and to the domestic processing industry.

Many serious companies and businesses have joined the Cluster, which has undertaken to operate jointly managed services and forums for affiliated companies, helping them to enhance their competitiveness and increase the chances of getting into the market!

The business policy of the companies presented on the website is to stimulate the internal flow and circulation of domestic goods still in the beginning of Hungary. We are looking for any business or company that would like to join the MGTK.


If you are a consumer:


The companies on the website have already decided to sell and use Hungarian products. With the help of the goods and services of companies and organizations displayed on our site, you also contribute to the growth of the goods produced and produced in Hungary, thus contributing to the development of the Hungarian economy and farmers!


Decide to buy Hungarian products deliberately!


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